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Potential ambush preventing first aid

Ann is a military nurse taking part in a military convoy in Afghanistan as a member of the medical support team. The convoy passes a crossroads where a traffic accident between Afghan civilian vehicles just took place.

One Afghan national is unconscious, bleeding profusely. Anne judges that the situation of this victim is life-threatening. He needs the bleeding stopped, probably also cardio-pulmonary resuscitation.

The Rules of Engagement (RoE) however do not permit a military convoy to stop because of the risk for ambushes or suicide attacks.

Ann is torn between her personal, subjective wish to give possibly life-saving first aid to this victim or obeying the RoE directive to prevent suicide attacks by insurgents which can entail multiple victims in the convoy.

Source: Report from course participant

Questions for the discussion of this scenario

What should Ann do?
(How) Can the RoE be justified and can they override the duty to assistance?

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