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Ethics frameworks and toolkits by other organisations

British Medical Association Armed forces ethics tool kit

This tool kit is designed primarily to support doctors, it will also provide useful guidance to other health professionals, and those with health-related or management roles, in the armed forces. The tool kit is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to ethical questions arising for military doctors. It signposts the kinds of ethical factors doctors need to take into consideration when making decisions.

Humanitarian Health Ethics Network

HHEAT is an ethical analysis tool designed to help humanitarian healthcare workers make ethical decisions. This tool can be used in pre-departure training to work through common cases and scenarios, in the field when ethical issues arise, or in debriefing sessions after particularly difficult decisions.

WMA: Toolkit for doctors working in situations of violence

Ethical standards do not tell doctors, nurses and others what to do. Rather, they provide a framework for recognizing the ethical conflict and for examining it, in a manner that recognizes the duty the health care worker owes to the patient and to society. This framework guides the decision making process, and should help to provide consistency.

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