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Which level of care / Denial of further care

Redland and Blueland are in an international armed conflict.

Yellowland is an ally of Redland. Yellowland has a role 2 field hospital in Redland territory which offers a much higher standard of medical care than any Redland medical facility.

You are a Yellowland Medical officer in this field hospital and you are responsible for the intensive care with a capacity of 10 ICUs which is regularly not fully occupied.

The intensive care capacity is used for rare emergency cases of own Yellowland troops. The field hospital has the permission of Yellowland authorities to use up to 6 beds from its ICU capacity for Redland civilians.

However, Yellowland authorities have ordered that Redland patients irrespectively of their medical conditions are only accepted during 5 days in ICU before they are transferred to Redland medical facilities with no ICU capacities and therefore low survival expectancies for these patients.

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