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Care for alleged civilian victims

You are a General Duties Medical Officer (GDMO) who has been deployed on a rapid vanguard deployment to a country in central Africa.

You are the lead MO for an Regimental Aid Post (4 personnel ) supporting an infantry company of 150 personnel in a remote location, 40 miles by bumpy track to HQ and a Role 2 dressing station with basic surgical capability.

The med plan is vague and the entitlement to care even vaguer.

Your Med Sgt tells you that a local man has presented at the front gate with his daughter stating that parts of your troops have blown up his compound.  His daughter is now seriously burnt and she needs emergency care. Your translator tells you that the girl has very serious burns to her face and arms. It is likely that the family will abandon her if she is left with serious scars or a disability.

Source: Report

Questions for the discussion of this scenario

1. Do you accept the girl as a patient?
2. If so, what kind of treatment do you envisage?
3. If not, what other ways of action do you propose?

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