Military Medical Ethics – Scenario Database

Welcome to the public beta-test of the MME Scenario Collection

11 Jan, 2017

After a rather brief internal test phase, we have now decided to start a public beta-test of the newly established collection and database of cases and scenarios in military medical ethics. Thus, you are invited to use and test this site and we hope that we can get a lot of valuable feedback.

Aims and plans

The aim of the scenario collection is to provide deploying military medical personnel and those who organise trainging and education with a tool to better prepare for future missions.

  • In order to do so, we offer to collect and make available cases, experiences, reports, and scenarios in this neutral database. In order for the colletion to grow, we hope that we can convince those returning from missions to (anonymously or not) contribute their experiences and share it with others.
  • Over time, we are also planning to add introductory teaching and/or self-learning material or outlines of small training sessions.
  • If there is an interest, we may also expand the thematic coverage of our case collection and for example collect cases of humanitarian actors, who very often very similar issues than their military counterparts.
  • Read also the description on the About the project page

Help us to improve this page

We are looking forward to get feedback from our users (that is, you :) ) and will do our best to develop this site and collection in order to meet your criticism and suggestions. You can contact us in different ways

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