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Just and Appropriate Treatment – Who Shall be First?

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You are a Redland medical officer (physician) on a UN-mandated peace enforcement operation in Blueland.

UN troops provide security in parts of the town “Silvercity” in Blueland. Your medical rescue team has been assigned to an infantry company which was ordered to guarantee the security of the Western suburbs of the town.

Your medical rescue team is a part of a patrol (12 soldiers and 3 medical personnel). Suddenly, your patrol has been ambushed by an isolated group of 13Blueland insurgents. After heavy fighting, 5 Blueland insurgents surrender and are captured.

Of your patrol, 4 soldiers have been killed in action and 2 are heavily wounded (e.g. head injuries and a thigh fracture). 5 Blueland insurgents have been killed in action, 3 are heavily wounded (i.e., gunshot wounds in the abdomen, chest, and forearm).
In addition, 4 Blueland civilians were caught in the crossfire and received various gunshot wounds in the extremities.

Your plan of operation dictates that the first priority is to treat and evacuate your wounded troops. The local population must be treated in Blueland medical facilities.

Source: Fictitious

Questions for the discussion of this scenario

1. Who gets treatment and in which order?
2. How do you justify your answer to the first question?

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