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Last updated: 24 Jul, 2017
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  • The scenarios published in the MME scenario database are based on different kinds of sources. These include media reports, literature, and reports about ethical challenges experienced in the field.
  • Authors and sources of the scenarios are only listed if the scenarios have already been published elsewhere or if the authors have explicitly agreed to be listed.
  • While most of the presented scenarios draw on real events and the accounts of real persons, scenarios may be composites in which several reports are combined into one scenario. They shall represent realistic situations but do not necessarily rely on real historic situations.
  • In all scenarios, details such as names, dates, locations, career and life stage, gender, and profession have been changed, obscured, or omitted.
  • Any resemblance that the scenarios may bear to actual persons, places, and events is coincidental.

No judgement of any kind (legal or moral) is implied by the publication of these scenarios.

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