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How to use the scenario database

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Last updated: 25 May, 2018
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Accessing content

  • You can browse the case collection with the menu on the left side
  • You can also list all cases according to categories
  • Another option of grouping cases is according to keywords.
  • Printing is possible on case-by-case basis or in collection ("add to pool" in the small menu at the right side of each scenario).
  • Cases/scenarios are in some cases linked to similar ones. Let us know if you think other crosslinks would be helpful.
  • You can search the collection via the search form.

Contributing content

  • The collection needs you input and support to grow. Please read our "How to contribute" section in order to know what you can do!
  • There is now also a submission form.

Correcting available content

  • We will try to put together a small editorial team that can correct existing cases, link them, sort them into categories etc. Contact us if you are interested in joining.
  • As a user, you can also just leave your comments below the scenarios if there are any issues, corrections, ... This would help us a lot!

General disclaimer

Please bear in mind that we are still in the public beta test of this MME scenario collection. This means that some functionality may be missing and also that the content of our collection will grow over time.
You can help us by (i) contributing your own experiences and also by (ii) letting us know how to improve the user experience of this database.
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How to use the scenario database
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