Military Medical Ethics – Scenario Collection
Conflict setting
Reversed triage priorities?
1st situation "[I]magine a battalion (approximately 400 soldiers) is facing an enemy force of about 550 soldiers and that each force is equipped with comparable weaponry. After several hours of...
11 Sep, 2018 Views: 443 Comments: 0
Mercy Killing?
A medical officer accompanies a patrol that is involved in an ambush. After a short but intense firefight, none of their soldiers have been hit. However, two of the attackers are found dead, and a...
19 Dec, 2016 Views: 787 Comments: 1
A human life is a human life
With almost no warning, three Medevac helicopters touch down at Camp Speicher near Tikrit, Iraq. The medical staff reservists from a unit based in Boston quickly determine the men, all Iraqis, are...
19 Sep, 2018 Views: 466 Comments: 0
Care for alleged civilian victims
You are a General Duties Medical Officer (GDMO) who has been deployed on a rapid vanguard deployment to a country in central Africa. You are the lead MO for an Regimental Aid Post (4 personnel )...
19 Jan, 2017 Views: 413 Comments: 0
Pirate Shot
Ships from different nations are acting as a Task Group tackling pirates. Pirates that are captured must be prosecuted by the national authorities of the ship that arrests them and so whilst...
24 Jul, 2017 Views: 413 Comments: 0
Treatment of self-inflicted injury
During a missions that regulary involves combats, the military doctors must triage patients to (at least) determin the order of treatment as their resources in personnel and medical equipment are...
24 Jul, 2017 Views: 333 Comments: 0
Relations between Western Military Forces and NGOs
Setting: A rural region of a country where Western military forces are engaged in active combat. Scenario: "An international medical NGO is supporting several rural health clinics in a country...
04 Aug, 2020 Views: 366 Comments: 0
RTD: Treat Gonorrhea or battle wounds first?
Return to Duty (RTD) to influence triage? "During the spring of 1943, while British troops in North Africa were preparing to invade Italy and Sicily, many in the ranks contracted gonorrhea after...
04 Aug, 2020 Views: 384 Comments: 0
Just and Appropriate Treatment – Who Shall be First?
You are a Redland medical officer (physician) on a UN-mandated peace enforcement operation in Blueland. UN troops provide security in parts of the town Silvercity in Blueland. Your medical rescue...
13 Aug, 2019 Views: 398 Comments: 0
Which level of care / Denial of further care
Redland and Blueland are in an international armed conflict. Yellowland is an ally of Redland. Yellowland has a role 2 field hospital in Redland territory which offers a much higher standard of...
18 Jul, 2017 Views: 404 Comments: 0
"Easy" amputation as prosthesis is guaranteed
It has been observed, that the medical services of some countries seem to favorise amputations over measures that try to safe the limbs if (i) resources in the situation are scarce, (ii) the risk of...
22 Nov, 2019 Views: 343 Comments: 0
Do all to safe a life – or switch to palliative care?
During a mission abroad, a soldier is seriously wounded by the explosion of an IED. His injuries are life-threatening and the personal medical would have to perform a long and difficult surgery to...
20 Nov, 2018 Views: 338 Comments: 0
Blood donation for a jihadist
After a long fight between insurgent jihadists and soldiers, some wounded combatants are transferred into the medical facilities. Among them, is a seriously wounded insurgent. One of his legs was...
21 Jan, 2019 Views: 387 Comments: 0
Only one equipment but two patients
"One 'US soldier' and one 'Iraqi Army' (coalition) soldier present with GSW (gunshot wound) to the chest. Both have low O2 saturations. There is only enough lidocaine for local anesthesia for one...
25 Jul, 2017 Views: 402 Comments: 0
Injured civilians and mission safety
"You are a passenger in a convoy that drives past the aftermath of a roadside bomb. Several local nationals are clearly wounded, and in need of emergent care. The driver in the lead vehicle refuses...
19 Nov, 2018 Views: 343 Comments: 0

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