Military Medical Ethics – Scenario Collection
"Winning the hearts and minds"
Which level of care / Denial of further care
Redland and Blueland are in an international armed conflict. Yellowland is an ally of Redland. Yellowland has a role 2 field hospital in Redland territory which offers a much higher standard of...
18 Jul, 2017 Views: 383 Comments: 0
Medicine as an incentive or reward for cooperation?
As conflicts become smaller and more dependent on special operation units it, there are more requests for "humanitarian" medical care. This care is usually for non-combatants and often for family...
19 Nov, 2018 Views: 322 Comments: 0
Snake bite – do you use antivenom for a local patient?
A report comes in announcing there is a patient at the main gate. Military nurse Yvonne goes there, together with a military physician and a number of colleagues. At the gate is a father holding a...
15 Sep, 2022 Views: 299 Comments: 0

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