Military Medical Ethics – Scenario Collection
Informed consent and medical confidentiality
Estimating the age of captured persons
During a PEO mission, the UN mandated forces are regularly attacked by rebel groups. Among their groups are an important number of fighters who are suspected to be under-age. After a new incident...
24 Jul, 2017 Views: 394 Comments: 0
Medical confidentiality and privacy of detainees
An insurgent is brought in the field hospital after his capture. His injuries are, at first sight, not life-threatening and he is fully concsious, but he needs some medical care. During the...
12 Jun, 2019 Views: 338 Comments: 0
Obtaining valid consent to emergency treatment
In providing trauma care to a conscious civilian war wounded patient at a basic front line medical facility, you have no interpreter to facilitate your communication with the patient, who speaks no...
22 Mar, 2018 Views: 312 Comments: 0
(Forced) Dialysis for a Prisoner of War
"United States Special Forces capture a combatant in the mountains of Eastern Afghanistan whom they believe has vital information that would help lead to the arrest of a major suspected terrorist....
12 Aug, 2019 Views: 394 Comments: 0

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