Military Medical Ethics – Scenario Collection
Acting beyond competencies
Public health in the Deployed Environment
"A female local national language interpreter presents to your aid station for symptoms compatible with general disease (dysuria, vaginal discharge, pelvic pain), and continues to engage in unsafe...
04 Aug, 2020 Views: 319 Comments: 0
Emergency treatment beyond competencies?
"A civilian is brought in from a riot. He has sustained a head injury, probably from blunt force trauma sustained during the riot. He is wearing the colours of the supporters of the uprising. You...
26 Jul, 2017 Views: 317 Comments: 0
Treat pregnant in emergency situaton
You are the medical officer in charge of a military camp hospital on a UN-manted peace enforcement A pregnant woman in her 8th month of pregnancy arrives with a picture of vaginal bleeding, in...
11 Sep, 2023 Views: 623 Comments: 0

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