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How to use the scenario database
Accessing content You can browse the case collection with the menu on the left side You can also list all cases according to categories Another option of grouping cases is according to keywords....
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How to contribute your own cases and scenarios
This scenario collection shall grow over time and new scenarios and cases shall be added. To do so, we need your support and input! Please help us collecting examples by contributing your own...
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Sub Categories
Limited/ scarce resources environment
Limited and/or scarce resources are among the main triggers for ethical dilemmas both during armed conflict and during other emergencies.
Dual loyalty and/or mixed obligations
Dual loyalty and/or mixed obligation refers to issues that emerge out the adherence to two different roles or professions. They have been defined as defined as "clinical role conflict between professional duties to a patient and obligations, express or implied, real or perceived, to the interests of a third party such as an employer, an insurer or the state."
Neutrality of the medical personnel
Ethical issues arising out of the neutrality of the medical personnel
Misuse of medical knowledge or resources
We are talking of the misuse of medical knowledge or resources if they are employed with aims other than the benefit of the patient (or a larger group of patients in the case of public health emergencies).
Lack of knowledge and awareness in law, ethics, and intercultural differences
Ethically or legally problematic situations also emerge if the persons involved do not have the necessary knowledge about legal rules or ethical guidelines.
Similaryl, intercultural differences can add to the complexity of a situation, namely during missions abroad.
Treatment of captured/ detained persons
The medical treatment of captured and detained persons can create difficult situation for physicians, both during conflicts and also in peacetime.
Use of the protective emblem
For example removal of the protective emblem, armament of HCP, combtant role of HCP
Civil-military cooperation
Ethical issues that arise in the context of civil-military cooperation. Often, the different roles and (self-) perception of civilian and military actors can lead to ethical issues on the ground.
Medical research in the military context
Research is both important for the advancement of medicine and highly problematic from an ethical perspective for a number of reasons. Medical research in a military context can prove to be ethically even more questionable than in civilian contexts.
Not fitting other categories
This category should only be used in seldom cases if the example does not fit any of the other categories. If too many cases end up here (i.e. uncategorised), we will add new categories to group them.

Military Medical Ethics Scenarios
Disclaimer about the scenarios
The scenarios published in the MME scenario database are based on different kinds of sources. These include media reports, literature, and reports about ethical challenges experienced in the field....
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