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Article on the MME Scenario Collection
30 Jan, 2019
The International Review of the Armed Forces Medical Services has published an article that describes the MME Scenario Collection. You can read the article online via the following links: ...

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Feedback on the public beta test
The current version of the MME Scenario collection is a public beta-test. Thus, it is important for us to know… whether you generally think that the software/website works and allows to...
04 Aug, 2020 Comments: 2
About the project of a MME Scenario Collection
Summary: Aims and plans In 2018, we published an article in the ICMM Revue that presents the Scenario Collection. You can access the PDF version here. The aim of the scenario collection is...
24 Jan, 2019
How to use the scenario database
Accessing content You can browse the case collection with the menu on the left side You can also list all cases according to categories Another option of grouping cases is according to keywords....
25 May, 2018 Comments: 0
How to contribute your own cases and scenarios
This scenario collection shall grow over time and new scenarios and cases shall be added. To do so, we need your support and input! Please help us collecting examples by contributing your own...
25 May, 2018 Comments: 0